Wiccan Poems

Know Thyself
Author Unknown

Close my eyes and it begins
The world unfolds with hope within
Captured by the hidden rhaspody
Of which I wish I could always be
Ensnared in the feeling of hope
No longer needing to just cope
A circle cast amongst the star
From which my heart is never far
Calling upon the five elements' grace
Feeling as though I'm finally in place
Air, I call, come to me
The wind lifts me up and sets me free
Water, I plea, come to me
Comforting sounds of the ocean and sea
Earth, I shout, come to me
I taste the sweet gifts from a berry
Fire, I summon, come to me
Heat surges through and gives me energy
Spirit, I say, come to me
Suddenly- I know who is this 'me'

To be a Witch
Author Unknown

Blessing the all, the part, and the one.
By drawing the moon, and calling the sun.
With essential oils that serve to aid.
Witching tools that are best handmade.
By invoking the spirits that divine your request.
Using herbs and flowers previously blessed.
The strength of a tree,
The purity of water.
The heart of a flame, the light of your alter.
By focusing your thoughts and cleansing your mind.
Crystals and stones, your spell to bind.
Contemplate your request with deep meditation.
Mix well alchemist, using visualisation.
Summon the tarot, the bones, the runes.
Chant in rhyme and simple tunes.
Do not spell for un-earned riches.
It is not the way of Pagan witches.
Spell for need and not for fun.
Do what ye will... But harm ye none.
If your spell is just and your conscience is free.
And this is your will, So mote it be.

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