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If you need to reset you password you can use the forgot password link found under the login, however, if you need to reset your password and/or E-mail, please get in ContactHere

Live Chat Area, Common Problems

Things to check before hand.

1, Make sure you have Java, and it's up to date, you can find themHere

2, Make sure your web browser is up to date, we recommend Mozilla Firefox for its safety, you can find themHere

-Mozilla Firefox- On entering LiveChat via the Main Menu you may receive a Warning

“Java has discovered application components that could indicate a Security Concern” “Block Potentially unsafe components from being run?”

TrinityWebChat server is safe if you follow the guide below, Click No, and you should be OK

A Free Program we recommend

A free Program to access LiveChat, after Downloading, Installing and Starting IceChat, you should see a new window called "IceChat First Time Start"

First Window will be asking for a Nickname, use the same Nickname as you do on here

Second Window will be asking for a Server, Put

And Your Done

IceChat should now open, to the left you will see "Favorite Servers" and will be listed, double click to Connect

You should now be Online at WTW Chat

Other Information you may need to know...

Channels #whitetrinitywitch
Server Name
Server Port 6667

A Guide to some Common abbreviations used

MPfn = Merry Part for now
B*B = Blessed Be
wb = Welcome Back
ty = Thank You
yw = You're Welcome
yvw = You're Very Welcome
afk = Away from Keyboard

Do not give out any Passwords, Telephone Numbers, E-mail Addresses, Home Addresses, your full name or any other information, that could help someone discover your actual identity, if you wish to meet up with someone over IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) do so in an area you know, that is busy, and you feel safe in. If you know the person you are talking to and wish to send information, use PM (Private Message)

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